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Safety Engineer - Dulles Internationl Airport (6 month project)

Brown Safety Consulting is currently seeking experienced safety engineers for two roofing projects at Dulles International Airport.  Previous safety experience with Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA), and commercial roofing projects is a major plus.  Both positions are full-time 6-month temporary assignments.  The hourly rate for both positions is $40-$45 per hour and time and a half for all hours work over 40 hours.  All candidates must interview with MWAA safety personnel and receive MWAA approval prior to working on these projects. 


Contractor Safety Engineer(s) (CSE) shall be full-time on-site safety professional with a minimum five (5) years construction industry safety experience whose sole responsibility was managing safety on (dual roles will not be accepted) construction sites. The CSE (s) shall have the core competencies of hazard identification of the type of work to be performed under the contract. CHST or ASP certification is preferred. The CSE(s) shall perform the duties and responsibilities as stated in the AACSM.

The CSE(s) shall have, at a minimum, a certificate of completion of a 30-hour OSHA Training Course. Training shall be conducted by an instructor accredited to perform such instruction by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

  • When a contract does not require a CSM, the CSE will assume the same duties as the CSM as noted in the AACSM and contract documents.Safety Engineer Safety Role and Responsibilities includes but not limited to the following roles and responsibilities listed below;
  • Investigates at the direction of the contractor safety manager (CSM), all accidents, incidents, and implements immediate corrective action. Submit work product to CSM for review when a CSM is assigned to a project. All accidents and incidents shall be reported immediately to the COTR, PSM, and RCPD when they occur on an Airports Authority construction projects. Prepares or assists in the preparation of all accident and incident investigation reports. Submit copies of these written reports to COTR, PSM, and RCPD within 24 hours of the incident. Reports incidents/accidents immediately to the PSM, COTR, and the RCPD.
  • Following onsite inspections with the Airports Authority’s PSM, provide written reports within 24 hours to the Airports Authority COTR, PSM, and RCPD citing any observed unsafe conditions or practices, or violations of job security regarding safety issues, and take immediate corrective action. Abatement photographs are required to be submitted by the contractor’s safety engineer when observed safety violations by the COTR, PSM, PMSS and RCPD showing that the observed unsafe conditions have been corrected.
  • Conducts daily safety inspections using the Airports Authority’s Daily Safety Inspection Report (located in Appendix B). Submits daily inspection reports to the Airports Authority with Summary Safety/Security Weekly Report to the COTR and PSM to review.
  • Provides the job foremen with appropriate training materials to conduct weekly "tool box" safety meetings. The CSE shall attend the weekly “tool box” safety meetings to ensure that the meetings are held and are meaningful. Whenever the attendees are non-English speaking, training materials shall be provided in their language. Review the foreman’s safety meeting reports.
  • Coordinates safety activities with the Airports Authority, PMSS Consultant, and RPCD.
  • Take the necessary steps to implement safety recommendations promptly.Coordinate public relations aspects of the contractor's safety plan with Airports Authority personnel.
  • Submit drawings of all project entry points to the Airports Authority’s Fire Department within 30 days of project commencement. When project conditions change, updated drawings shall be re-submitted.
  • Ensure adequate first aid supplies are available at the work site and personnel are qualified to administer first aid as required in the contract.
  • Ensure a 15-minute continuous flow eyewash station is in close proximity (unimpeded travel of 50 feet from the caustic /corrosive material) of the work.
  • Post an updated list of current availability of first aid and emergency treatment for injured employees.
  • Submit a completed Monthly Safety Project Man-hour/Injury Report by the 10th of each month to the COTR and the PSM. 4
  • Attend special safety meetings held or sponsored by the Airports Authority, Program Management Consultant, or contractor. The CSE or CSM is expected to participate in these meetings. In addition, the CSE and CSM are required to attend weekly safety walks of their project with the COTR, PSM, and RCPD.
  • Be present when subsurface engineering utility locating grid sweeps are being conducted for areas to be excavated (mandatory). Review contract drawings, GIS survey report, as-builts, and utility markings prior to any subcontractor performing excavation work. Attend excavation survey walks with Airports Authority personnel.
  • Ensure that all employees are provided with and are using the proper protective equipment and tools for the job.
  • Implement safety training programs for supervisors and employees applicable to their specific responsibilities and use of equipment.

send resumes to:  wbrown@brownsafetyconsulting.com


Safety superintendent - wmata Replacement of Drainage Pumping Station and Discharge Line project (3 year Project)

Brown Safety Consulting is currently seeking certified safety professional (CSP), with experience working on Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA) projects, to fill a safety superintendent position.  The safety superintendent will be the lead safety professional on site, working as the safety representative for the prime contractor.  The hourly rate for this positions is $50-$60 per hour and time and a half for all hours work over 40 hours. All candidates must interview with WMATA safety personnel and receive WMATA approval prior to working on this projects.


Safety Superintendent shall have a four year degree and a minimum of 15 years experience in heavy industry construction safety practices and with a minimum of 10 years in transportation construction in operating conditions, and shall have completed OSHA Construction Safety Training and First Aid/CPR/Blood Borne Pathogens Training. Shall be a Certified Safety Professional (CSP).

  • Responsible for development of a construction safety plan.
  • Shall be a full time member of the contractor and devotes full time to worksite safety in implementing, enforcing, and maintaining the safety program for the contractors and Subcontractor forces. The Safety Superintendent shall have no duty other than safety supervision of persons, equipment, and property affected by Contract work.
  • Shall have specialized training and experience in construction safety supervision and have a thorough knowledge of all OSHA regulations. The Safety Superintendent shall have the ability to develop and conduct safety-training courses. The Safety Superintendent shall be familiar with industrial hygiene equipment and testing as required for the protection of all personnel and the public

send resumes to:  wbrown@brownsafetyconsulting.com


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