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HSE Services

HSE Program development and review

Maintaining a safe work environment is vital to the smooth operation of your business, which is why it's important to have a solid safety program in place. If your organization has not implemented a full blown HSE program, or is in the need of an HSE program update, our HSE program development service will jump start your safety culture. We'll work closely with your management team to develop an HSE program that fits the specific needs of your organization.


Safety should always start at the executive level.  After an initial consultation, we will request a meeting with executive/senior level employees of the company to ensure that the services requested are being driven by the top of the organization.   With more than 26 years of HSE experience in a heavy civil construction environment, we're equipped with the knowledge and expertise to develop and implement your HSE program and provide training for your workforce to ensure comformance.  

If you have not updated your HSE program and safety managment processes in the last 2-3 years, or your EMR (Experience Modification Rate) and safety key performance indicators are trending in the wrong direction, our team can do a deep dive to identify deficiencies and gaps in your program.  We are well-versed in construction and communication partnering, assuring that you're receiving recommendations from well qualified HSE professionals. With assistance from Brown Safety Consulting, you can strenghten your HSE program, increase the safety awareness of your workforce, identfiy risk and trends, and establish a safety work environment for your employees.

safety management systems


Does you organization have an establish safety management system?  What is a safety management system?  A systematic approach to managing safety, including organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. An SMS is scalable so it can be tailored to the size and complexity of your organization.  Brown Safety Consulting can build and develop the ideal SMS for you organization.

What should a SMS consist of?

  • A coordinated, comprehensive set of processes designed to direct and control resources to optimally manage safety
  • Takes unrelated processes and builds them into one coherent structure to achieve a higher level of safety performance
  • It makes safety management an integral part of overall risk management.
  • It is based on leadership and accountability.
  • Includes incident and accident investigation and analysis.
  • Requires proactive hazard identification, risk management, information control, auditing and training.

Brown Safety Consulting can develop the ideal SMS for your organization.

HSE Professional Staffing


Do you have a contractual obligation to have a full time safety professional on your job sites?  Are you having trouble indentifying the right safety professional for you organizaiton?  If your response to those questions is yes, allow Brown Safety Consulting to tap into our vast connections in the HSE community and find the right fit for you organization.  Whether your need is an entry level HSE professional or a seasoned HSE professional we can fulfill your needs!  

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